A Lesson to Learn

Some time ago, our server crashed and burned, taking 140 Twitter Street along with it – with no backups! (I know, I know…) We are just beginning the process of rebuilding, so please bear with us for a while, in case some things don’t make sense or are not complete.

About 140 Twitter StreetFor example, this “about” page used to mention Twitter books and Twitter apparel, which at the moment are not on the site. So please, give us some time to get things be back to normal.

Your takeaway – be sure to backup your sites. It CAN happen to you!


140 Twitter Street was originally going to be reviews of the many Twitter apps.

But now, we are concentrating on tips and tricks to get more out of your all your social media accounts, including your Twitter accounts, plus social media news and info.

And a lot of information on social media marketing.

But mostly, we’re just here for the fun of it! Happy Tweeting, Pinning, Sharing, and whatever else you do on Social Media!


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