140 Character Limit

Twitter Modifies It’s 140 Character Rule

Good news! Twitter is changing it’s 140 character limit in its struggle to retain its base of 310 million users.

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Japan's Social Media Platform Line

Social Media, A Helping Hand During Dark Times

We have all heard the many stories debating whether social media is a boon or a bane. It is in times such as this that we see what a powerful tool it can be.

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Facebook's Storytelling Plugin

Facebook To Roll Out New WordPress Plugin For Storytellers

Facebook will soon be offering publishers the chance to publish stories direct for mobile consumption with a WordPress plugin.

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Trump and Elsayed

Egyptian Student To Be Deported for Facebook Threat Against Trump

An Egyptian student from California faces deportation for posting a hostile comment on Facebook against Republican Donald Trump

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Diego Dzodan Arrested

Facebook’s Top Exec from Latin America Spends Night in the Slammer

Diego Dzodan was arrested for Facebook’s subsidy WhatsApp’s alleged non-compliance with a court order.

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Twitter Share Count Dropped

Twitter Puts an End to Share Counts

It has been a couple of months since Twitter put an end to showing share counts. This means we have lost an easy way to gauge the success of our posts.

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Outsourcing Social Media

How to Outsource Your Social Media

Social media outsourcing isn’t always simple. Should you outsource? And, if so, which aspects are best to outsource?

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Social Media Interactions

Don’t Over-Automate Your Social Media

It really isn’t enough to just schedule all your posts, sit back and hope that your efforts pay off. You’ll still need to interact with your followers.

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Social Networking

The Dark Side of Social Media Automation

Social media automation can help us achieve more than constantly having to log in and out ever could, but there are downsides too. The key word in social media is social, after all!

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Social Media

Why You Need to Automate Your Social Media

If you’re not yet convinced about why you should start automating your social media activities, perhaps this list of benefits will help you see the light.

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