Why You Need to Automate Your Social Media

Social Media

If you’re not yet convinced about why you should start automating your social media activities, perhaps this list of benefits will help you see the light.

1) Be More Present

Automating your social media posts makes it a lot easier to space them out in a way that means you’re showing up in people’s feeds throughout the day.

If you post within a very small window each day, chances are most people won’t see it. Even if they’re following you, they only see a certain percentage of posts at any given time. Automation means you can spread your posts out within a certain window without having to be online all day long.

2) Be on More Social Networks

Many marketers and small business owners find social media overwhelming. There are just so many social networks these days that it can be hard to think about running just 1 or 2 successfully, let alone more!

Automating your social media takes a lot of the pressure off, and means you’ll find it easier to manage accounts on a greater number of social networks than you would have been able if you had to login into them all throughout the day.

3) Reach More People

Following on from the previous two points, being on more networks and being able to post at various times throughout the day through automation means you’ll be able to reach more people in total. There’s just more chance that different people will see your posts at different times, helping to get your message out in front of a greater audience.

4) Save Time

When you automate social media, you’ll still need to take the time to write the posts. However, since you’re scheduling them in advance you can now do this in batches rather than one at a time. Many people find that batching processes like this helps them save a lot of time. Not to mention that certain parts of social media automation can easily be outsourced, or done via plugins, to take the work off your hands!

5) Get Your Message Out There Consistently

Let’s face it; busy marketers and small business owners can easily get distracted. If you don’t have any social media plan in place then it can be pretty easy to forget to post for certain periods of time, or to post inconsistently throughout the day.

Automation will ensure you’re consistently showing up on people’s social media feeds. It also means you’ll consistently promote the products and blog posts you need to as you keep these links in your social media schedule.

6) Don’t Get Sucked In

If you’re a one-man or one-woman show trying to run a business, it’s very easy to get sucked in by social media. You think you’ll just login for a minute to update your Facebook page, and before you know it an hour or two has passed as you’ve been browsing your friend’s photo albums! Automating your social media, and then deciding on very fixed time windows to log in and check on things, can help you avoid the social media trap!

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