140 Character Limit

Twitter Modifies It’s 140 Character Rule

Good news! Twitter is changing it’s 140 character limit in its struggle to retain its base of 310 million users.

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Twitter Dos and Donts

Bored? Resist the Urge to Go Near Twitter

Want to be a power Twitter user, and not just a twit? Then let’s stay away from the Twitter account unless you have something worthwhile to share.

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Twitterbird Relaxing

Twitter Automation Tips

If you’ve been on Twitter for any length of time, you probably fit into one of two schools of thought regarding social media automation.

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Google and Twitter

Does your Twitter Account have Google Page Rank?

Page Rank can be an important aspect of promoting through this social media site.

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Twitter Mistakes

5 Common Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

As a social media network, Twitter is fairly flexible, but what you say and do there can affect your online reputation.

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