Creating an Award-Winning Profile on Pinterest


When you create your business profile on Pinterest, you’ll want to leave no stone unturned. You’ll want to be sure to fill in everything possible and to use the keywords and descriptions that will attract your customers.

Treat your Pinterest profile in a very businesslike manner and focus on your audience. Remember: even when you are telling your business story, ultimately everything is about your customer, not you.

Your Business Profile Name

You may want to choose your actual business name, or you might want to use a keyword profile name. It’s up to you and depends on how you intend to use the account. If you do use your business name, you can include keyword descriptors in the description of the business.

Give a Thorough Description of Your Business

Using keywords that your audience might look up, describe your business and how you plan to use Pinterest in the business. Let your audience know why they might want to follow your boards and get to know you better.

Use a Good Profile Picture

For your business account, your profile picture can be your logo or a picture of you. It depends on what type of business you have. If it’s a freelance business, a picture of you is a good idea. If there are more people part of the business, using your logo is a good idea.

Website Information

You ultimately want your Pinterest audience to visit your website and see your offers, so don’t forget to include your URL and information about what they’ll find on your website if they visit it.

Social Account Information

Integrate other social media into your account by providing the URLs of them on your profile.

Use Descriptive Board Names

Start five to six different boards with descriptive keyword-rich names that your audience will understand and potentially search for.

I love Pinterest

Use Keyword-Rich Description for Boards

Don’t forget to always fill out the description of each different pinboard so that it will help your audience find them. Include keywords in your descriptions.

Select Appropriate Board Cover Photos

Remember to select the right cover photo for your boards. Resize it as instructed so that it shows the whole picture without clicking on it. Usually, the first photo you pin to a board will become the board cover, but you can edit the board if you need to change this.

Organize Your Boards

Remember that when people look at any account, they will see the topmost boards, so put your most important boards at the top. You might even want to rearrange them occasionally in order to be sure all your boards are seen.

Come Prepared

If you get all of the information to put on your Pinterest business account ready prior to starting your account, you should be able to set this up in just a couple of hours. If you’ve already started, you can go back and change things – even the name of your business if you chose poorly the first time.

Stay Active

To fill out your Pinterest account faster, put up at least five or six different categories of boards for your business account and keep it updated on a regular basis for best results. You can add to the boards, reorganize them, and pin other’s things to keep them up-to-date.

Following these suggestions will ensure that you have a great profile. One that can truely help your business find success on Pinterest.

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