Using the LinkedIn Directory to Network Your Way to Success

LinkedIn Network

One grain of sand on the beach isn’t such a big deal. It’s easily forgotten. But a lot of grains put together can equal the seashore and by the power of sheer numbers together, everyone knows it’s there.

The same concept is the basis behind the success you can find with LinkedIn. One connection that you have might be connected to 500 people. You can use that one connection as a way to get to the 500 others. But that’s just one way that LinkedIn helps users to network.

Using the Directory

Another (and vitally important) way that LinkedIn helps you network your way to success is by using the directory. If you’ll go to the directory offered by LinkedIn, you’ll see a listing of categories.

These categories are listed by niche topics, and they’re in alphabetical order so that you can quickly locate the niche. For example, you’ll see one directory link for Search Engine Optimization Experts.

If you click on this, you’ll find a list of experts who know about SEO. If that’s what you’re an expert in, this is where you want to be listed in the directory. You’ll also see that the niche is further narrowed by location. It can be narrowed even more by company.

So what’s the big deal about being part of the LinkedIn directory? It boosts credibility. You can find the directory (and the networking opportunities) by using the search function.

In the search box on the upper right hand corner, type in the niche that you’re looking for. For example, if you’re an Internet marketer and you’re in the pet niche, specifically narrowed to the dog niche, then you might look for networking links (industries, insiders) by typing in related keywords. If you sold dog training materials, then you would type in dog trainers and up comes a list of potential target customers, affiliates or reviewers for your products.

Build Relationships

You wouldn’t just approach these people and push a sale. First you would build a relationship. If you were the marketer in the dog products niche, then you would not only be a member of a group consisting of Internet marketers, but you would also be a member of groups where the focus was on training dogs or animal behavior, for example.

Cast a Wide Net

Don’t limit yourself to just one area of your business. You want to network in a directory by not limiting your connections to what’s inside your box. You would be part of the network of Internet marketers and then you would also tap into the directories that focused on your specific niches. You would also be in the directory for entrepreneurs and small business owners and build connections there as well.

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